mysterious sea creatures, dead mysterious creatures found by the sea; Scientists’ claim is baffling, says… – mysterious creature found dead by the sea in Australia

Sydney: A mysterious creature has been discovered on the beaches of Sydney, Australia, causing a stir. This strange creature was found dead on the sand. Initially, people walking on the shore were afraid to approach this animal. However, seeing that the animal had not moved for several hours, he dared to approach it.

After approaching the sea animal, locals noticed seaweed had accumulated on its back. Meanwhile, local people and scientists reacted saying that such an animal had never been seen before. Scientists are of the opinion that this animal lives in the sea depths and came to the shore due to high waves.

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According to the Mirror report, this mysterious creature was found on Greenhills Beach in Sydney. Local resident Vicki Henson told Yahoo News Australia the mysterious creature was first spotted on Saturday morning as she strolled along the beach with her pet dog. She then made a video of it. She was also scared while making this video at first. However, seeing that the animal did not move, they dared to approach.

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A woman claimed to have seen this animal walking on the beach. Citizens gathered to see this dead animal on the shore. People are amazed by the physical structure of this animal. Australian marine scientists captured this animal. Having obtained information about the species of this animal, scientists will try to find out the cause of its death.

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