Varanasi deputy minister not changed in UP government administrative reshuffle, Kaushal Raj Sharma will remain Kashi deputy minister

Lucknow News: In a major administrative reshuffle, the Uttar Pradesh government transferred 20 IAS officers on Friday. The name of the district magistrate of Varanasi was also on this list. Kaushalraj Sharma was appointed Commissioner of Prayagraj. S. Rajalingam was appointed as the new District Magistrate of Varanasi in his place. In the meantime, the government has decided that Kaushal Raj Sharma will continue as Varanasi District Magistrate.

While reversing the transfer of Varanasi District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma, the state government again approved him to continue as Varanasi District Magistrate. A day before this decision, he was transferred by the state government to the position of divisional commissioner of Prayagraj. But, now the state government has issued a new order saying that the transfer of IAS Kaushal Raj Sharma has been canceled in the public interest. He will continue to serve as District Magistrate of Varanasi.

Varanasi District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma was transferred a day earlier to the post of Divisional Commissioner Prayagraj. And as the new Varanasi District Magistrate, IAS S. Rajalingam has been deployed. But the government reversed its decision and ordered IAS Kaushal Raj Sharma to remain as Varanasi District Magistrate.

IAS Kaushal Raj Sharma is among the qualified officers of the UP cadre. During the Corona period, its management received praise from Lucknow to Delhi. He was also honored by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for better implementation of Prime Minister Svanidhi Yojana.

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