behavior of state government according to Delhi, helping farmers first, Ajit Pawar criticized

Yavatmal: The two-member government of chief minister and deputy state chief minister comes at the request of Delhi. There will be no cabinet expansion without getting the green light from Delhi. Therefore, the time has come to give repeat dates to the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, the leader of the opposition in the state that Ajit Pawar criticized here. He was speaking at a press conference held in Yavatmal after visiting the flood affected areas of the district.

Ajit Pawar inspected the damaged areas of the talukas of Ralegaon, Maregaon and Vani. Stating that the situation here is very sad, he added that by stopping the childish discussion of who, when and where is on tour, leaders should show sensitivity to reach the checkpoints of farmers devastated by heavy rains to know their pain. Pawar said aid should be given to the affected farmers to the tune of Rs 75,000 per hectare and farm workers should also be given a helping hand.

Vidarbha suffered huge damage due to continuous heavy rain accompanied by heavy rain. Yavatmal district suffered more damage than Wardha, Gadchiroli, Amravati. After a review by the district administration, it emerged that an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 1.52 lakh hectares had been affected. The state of agriculture has never been so dire. Therefore, the leaders should not waste time discussing, but should immediately help in the amount of 75,000 rupees per hectare. In the same way that we provided help during the Corona period, we should give food and any other necessary help to the workers. At that time, he demanded that the government immediately convene the monsoon session in view of the loss situation of the farmers. However, Pawar also criticized that this government is not calling a session, expanding the cabinet or making a decision to help the farmers. Come this time. Amol Mitkari, Mr. Indranil Naik, NCP District Chairman Balasaheb Kamarkar, Vasantrao Ghuikhedkar, Kranti Dhote, Khawaja Baig, Raju Todsam, etc. were present.

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