Bihar flood: Sikata and Manatand disconnected from Narkatiaganj, Maniyari river water entered Pax godown and mill

In the West Champaran (Narkatiyaganj) water acquisition area in Nepal, mountainous rivers are in flood due to incessant rains. The water level of other rivers, including the Maniyari, Pandai, Hadboda and Balor hills river, rose and the villages on the banks of these rivers were submerged.

Disconnection from the Sikta and Manatad bloc

Two feet of water started flowing on the road between Pokharia and Bhasurari villages after water from the Maniyari River entered the Haltalbi Sarehi River. For this reason, Narkatiaganj’s contact with the Sikta bloc and Manatad was lost.

water flowing on the roads

People were seen crossing the water on foot for about half a kilometer here towards Narkatiaganj and Sikta Manatad. Passengers were to be stopped at Pokharia and Bhasurari only. The villagers said that after the water from the Maniyari River entered the Haltalbi River, the water started flowing over about two feet on the road between the villages of Pokharia and Bhasurari.

Traffic was affected. People coming from Sikta and Manatad to Narkatiaganj and going from Narkatiaganj to Sikta Manatad were forced to cross two feet of water. Seeing the rising waters in these same mountain rivers, the inhabitants of the villages living by the river are horrified.

district administration alert

In this regard, SDM Dhananjay Kumar said that the district administration is closely monitoring the situation. Officials are instructed to remain vigilant. Water from Haltalbi drain flows on the road between Pokharia and Bhasurari villages. Every situation is monitored.

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