Nagpur: Expensive electricity for payers, thieves take advantage! ; Nitin Gadkari pierced the ears of Mahavitran Nagpur Expensive electricity for thieves pay benefits Amy 95

Consumers who pay their electricity bills honestly have to buy electricity at high prices. But Union Minister Nitin Gadkari pierced Mahavitran’s ears by saying those who use the stolen electricity don’t have to pay the levy.

He was speaking during the Energy Festival program held in Dikshabhumi region. He said power generation plants should be located in the state where the coal mines are located. This will reduce the cost of transporting coal and generate cheaper electricity that will be available to distribution companies at lower rates. A project in Madhya Pradesh works this way. Electricity is available there at a rate of only Rs 1.60 per unit. It is opposite in Maharashtra. Mahavitran buys expensive electricity and gives it to consumers at a unit rate of around Rs 11 to 12. At present, the losses of electricity distribution companies are increasing across the country. This loss is more than 10 lakh crore in the country and close to 1 lakh crore in the state. This loss and loss of power must also be reduced. As Mahavitran is now introducing prepaid meters, rechargers will have electricity while non-rechargers will remain in the dark. Gadkari said these new meters will benefit power companies. The program brought together MPs Krishna Khopde, Dayashankar Tiwari, Yogesh Kumbhejkar, Suhas Rangari, Dilip Dodke, Satish Ane, Rajkumar Pachkar, Vilas Gajghate.

Gadkari also said that about 250 startups have started in the e-autorickshaw industry, including e-two-wheeler, e-four-wheeler. The chef does not allow the electricity to be cut off. Gadkari also put these leaders on edge by saying that if the employees were going to cut off the electricity of the arrears, the political leaders let them cut.

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