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7th pay commission

7th Wage Commission: Diwali (wage increase) for employees and retirees of the plant | Modi Government Announcement!! The 7th pay commission made the employees happy that all this was done and announced by the Modi government. The increase in wages makes the employees and retirees of the plant happy and they thank the government. Check the details here.

People are quite happy that the Modi government is currently being nice to the employees and retirees of the power plant. The government’s early announcement to increase the dearness allowance (DA) for employees will benefit about 1.25 crore people.

The employees will receive a benefit of at least Rs 720. He will make a profit of Rs 8,640 in one year. By making this decision, the government is helping everyone. If the government so wishes, the high cost allowance will be increased from July 1, 2022.

New good news for employees!! Central employees will receive a double salary and a salary increase: 8th salary commission!

The increased dearness allowance and dearness relief will help more than a crore of government employees and pensioners. More than 50 lakh people work for the central government and more than 65 lakh people are retired.

According to Harishankar Tiwari;

The Labor Office will release the AICPI data on July 31, according to Harishankar Tiwari of AG Office Brotherhood in Prayagraj, the increased dearness allowance-dearness relief will also be assessed in July. The government will therefore have an easier time making a decision in this regard. Tiwari believes that a 4% increase in the dearness allowance is inevitable.

AD can now be increased by 4% by the government at any time, bringing it down to 38%. Currently DA is available at 34%. Salary of employees will increase significantly after DA rise. Although the government has not made an official announcement to increase the DA of employees, all media rumors point to August 30.

Sept. Ine Salary scale, the minimum basic salary for central employees is Rs 18,000. A 4% increase in the DA results in a cost allowance of 38%. He will get a monthly dearness allowance of Rs 6,840. At present, the dearness allowance is increasing by 34% or Rs 6,120. This is good news for the central employees, so be happy and enjoy too of your Diwali. 8e Paying the commission also happens. Central employees are happy with the pay rise starting in July. Follow our site for daily updates regarding job notification and other latest news.

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