Actress Samantha bought a house where she lived with her husband before the divorce It’s the feeling of the ladies… Samantha didn’t leave the house she lived in even though she separated from her husband!

Many say that Samantha owns this house because of the memories she had with her husband.

Samantha is the leading actress of South Indian cinema. She made her heroine debut in the Telugu remake of the same film, playing a minor character in Vinnaithandi Varuvaya. Samantha who has given many hits with many top Tamil and Telugu actors fell in love with famous Telugu actor Naga Chaitanya in 2017.

Samantha and Chaitanya, who continued to be the hot couple of the South Indian film industry, broke off their marital life last year. Following this, while the two are busy acting in films, Samantha acts in films such as Sagunthalam, Yashoda, Kushi. It was reported that he also engaged in Hindi films.

Now Samantha has bought a new house. If you ask what is so special about this house, Samantha and Chaitanya lived together in this house before getting divorced. Famous Telugu actor Murali Mohan said that now Samantha bought this house and moved there with her mother.

Actor Murali Mohan, the former owner of the house Samantha has now bought, said that Samantha and Chaitanya were looking for a house after getting married and then they rented my house. Naga Chaitanya, who built a new house while staying in this house, moved to this house after her divorce. At the same time, Samantha also left the rented house.

Following this, actor Murali Mohan sold the house to someone else. But now Samantha has asked Murali Mohan to talk to the people who bought the house and ask them to buy it for her. But this house is more than what Murali Mohan sold it for. But many say Samantha owns this house for the memories she had with her husband.

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