The festivals will start from the month of Shravan; Unleash the beauty of your mehndi this festive season

Hindu festivals start from the month of Shravan. Soon the festivals of Nagpanchami, Rakshabandhan, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi will come. Mehndi is done during festivals. Most women like to do mehndi during festivals. Women’s festivals in India are incomplete without the application of mehndi on the hands.

There are many types of mehndi available in the market these days which gives a dark color to the hands immediately after applying it for some time. However, the color and fragrance present in traditional mehndi are not present in tattoo mehndi. We have many beliefs regarding the dark color of Mehndi. That’s why everyone’s eyes are fixed on each other’s mehndi color. That’s why all women worry about its color after applying mehndi. Today we are going to learn some tricks through which you can darken your mehndi color.

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Follow these tips to make mehndi beautiful and dark:

  • First keep away from water for a few hours even after the mehndi dries and apply some oil on your hands before washing.
  • Once the mehndi is dry, apply the lemon and sugar mixture on it using cotton and let it dry. You can apply this mixture several times before washing off the mehndi.
  • Keep the tawa on low heat and add four to five cloves to it and when it is smoking, carefully roast the mehndi hands on it. The smoke from the cloves enhances the color of the mehndi.
  • If the mehndi is dried and lime is rubbed on it, the color becomes darker.
  • After the mehndi is dry, apply mustard oil or peppermint oil on the hands with a cotton ball.
  • Balms like Vicks and Iodex are hot, the heat of which thickens and darkens the color of the henna.
  • Once the mehndi dries, apply the mustard oil present in the pickle on it and leave it on for some time.

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(The information provided here is based on home remedies and general information.)

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