Celebrates the retirement of his wife, since 1989 he accompanies her every day to work

For 33 straight years, this husband has always taken his great love to work and back. Look at his story.

Celebrates the retirement of his wife, since 1989 he accompanies her every day to work

Last update: July 29, 2022

An important desire of many people is to have an ideal love. These links provide motivation, well-being and moments of immense happiness.

This was demonstrated by a Mexican wedding that won the admiration of much of society, as throughout the relationship they maintained a beautiful act. In this article, we share all the details of this story.

The husband who always took his wife to work

Sorrel, a man in love, he made it his goal to care for and support his great love from the first moment in which he began to interact with her. For this reason, she said she took him every day to the Social Security Institute where she worked as a surgical nurse.

Thus, one day in February 1989, he accompanied her for the first time. Since then, he has never broken his promise. So much so that for 33 consecutive years he did not leave her alone once.

She was not only present when her soul mate was starting the career she was passionate about, but also when she managed to retire after having had an impeccable career.

He was the first to celebrate this feat achieved by his beloved wife. And we encouraged him to post a video on the internet to tell Internet users that he had had the chance to accompany him day after day.

The story went viral

On the day of his retirement, Alazán waited for his wife to leave the workplace and turned on her cell phone camera to record that unforgettable moment.

Then, he started telling the great story behind this occasion. He said he first took her to Social Security in February 1989 and was able to collect it on June 28, 2022, after successfully completing her stage as a worker.

After that, he told her that he loved her. Likewise, he gave her a tender kiss to congratulate her and express how proud it made him.

After he managed to have an emotional recording, he was encouraged to share it on his TikTok account and got a great reception. Most Internet users were moved by this noble gesture of love.

The video surpassed 14,000 shares and 600,000 love. Moreover, it was filled with a large number of positive comments.

several people praised the man for being the perfect partner for his wife, give you a love so cute and take care of her. Likewise, another group took the opportunity to thank the nurse for devoting herself to helping so many people and wished her the best in the new stage.

Following the acceptance that people gave to the video, Alazán made the decision to share a second part full of emotion.

The second recording to celebrate the retirement

As the nurse was registering her fingerprint at the workplace for the last time, the man turned on the camera again, intending to show off the magnificent bouquet he had given her for the making. The happiness radiating from the woman’s face and the pride felt by the rest of the workers were notorious.

Internet users were also able to continue to attend this unforgettable moment of celebration. The second part received more than 13,000 love.

Likewise, it continued to have a high flow of comments. Another large number of people praised them for the scene they were having and the beautiful love they have for each other.

This story shows that quality love can last a lifetime. All you need is a healthy dose of respect and unconditionality.

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