Kunal Ghosh slams opposition over Abhisekh-SSC job seekers meeting West Bengal: ‘Abhishek’s eagerness to sort out opposition caught fire’, says Kunal

Kunal Ghosh slams opposition stance on Trinamool leader’s meeting with SSC job candidates, ‘Abhishek’s eagerness to untie the knot caught fire’ “Abhishek is looking for a way to untie the knot and give jobs to candidates. Objection and confusion here means that the opposition does not want to untangle the entanglement. Find a job. Trinamool State General Secretary criticizes left, BJP and Congress on social media.

Abhishek Banerjee held a meeting with representatives of the SSC agitators on Friday. At the end of this meeting, Shahidullah, the representative of the SSC agitators declared: “Sir is very human. The meeting was positive. He will try 100% for every SSC merit list 2016 to get a job. He will do his best so that no one is deprived. Representatives of the SSC agitators will attend a meeting with Education Minister Bratya Basu and representatives of the education department on August 8. The recruitment of SLST candidates will be discussed there.

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Meanwhile, Kunal Ghosh is angry at the opposition’s stance on Abhishek’s meeting with SSC job seekers. The ruling party’s Secretary General of State criticized the opposition in a Facebook post. In his words, “Abhishek’s efforts to disentangle the opposition caught fire”. BJP, CPM, Congress leaders raised questions, Abhishek is not a member of the state government. So why meet him? This question reeks of jealousy.

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Kunal also wrote, “Abhishek is looking for a way to sort out the work and give jobs to the candidates. Objection and confusion here means that the opposition does not want to untangle the entanglement. Getting a Job They want complexity of work and movement. These opponents are interested in playing politics with the candidates. Their masks have been revealed.”

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Kunal Ghosh claims that Abhishek took this initiative because he is sincere in solving the problem. His argument in this regard, “Abhishek inaugurated the meeting. He is the leader of the party. Bratya is the leader of the party even though he is a minister. Kunal Ghosh is the leader of the party. In any case, no government official, not even the chairman, was present at this meeting. On behalf of the party, the general secretary of the party’s All India can hold a meeting to cut the mess. This is a show of goodwill and sincerity. He started discussions with the highest party leader for good communication.”

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