A letter written in blood to the Chief Minister for the outstanding demands of the Maratha community!

Maratha Kranti Thok Morcha Chief Ramesh Kere Patil has informed in Aurangabad that a representation of 43 bloods will be given to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde on behalf of Maratha Kranti Thok Morcha to immediately accept pending applications from the Maratha community.

He said these statements will be made when Chief Minister Eknath Shinde visits Aurangabad for two days from today.

Also, why does the government not take the same stance for the Maratha reservation as for the OBC reservation? He raised this issue on that occasion. On this occasion, Maratha Kranti Thok Morcha activists showed a letter written in blood.

Until then, our agitation against the four parties will continue –

“Chief Minister Eknath Shinde is coming to Sambhajinar (Aurangabad) tomorrow. We will give 43 letters written in blood to accept the reserve of rights of the Maratha community, that also of the OBC and all the pending demands of the Maratha community. It will be good if the Chief Minister pays attention to our requests at the earliest. The way after giving political reservations to the OBC brothers, all parties started saying that we will not allow elections until the OBCs get political reservations. The leaders of the four major parties must present their position in the same way. Elections will not be allowed in Maharashtra until Maratha community rights reservation is also accepted by OBC and pending applications. Until this leader speaks thus, the agitation against these four parties will continue in the name of Maratha Kranti Thok Morcha. This was said by Ramesh Kere Patil of Maratha Kranti Thok Morcha while reacting to the media.

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