Women who like long hair; Don’t forget these 3 juices!

Most women prefer to have long, curly hair. But pollution, eating habits etc. cause hair loss and breakage. Here are some simple tips and advice given by doctors to solve these problems.

Most women want long, thick hair. We also use different types of oil and shampoo. But I don’t know if it was useful. Doctors say daily hair care is essential. There are a few things that need to be followed regularly to grow healthy hair.

In this way, healthy and hair-friendly care products should be used. Apply the oil correctly. A timely haircut and healthy eating habits should be followed.

Consulting Nutritionist Rupali Dutta says, “Genetics play a major role in hair health and growth. However, you can maintain good hair by following a few simple and healthy eating habits.

Particular attention should be paid to food. Include foods rich in minerals and vitamins in your daily diet,” he said. Juice is everyone’s favorite drink, from kids to the next. Some juices contain vitamins and minerals. Doctors say it helps hair growth.

aloe vera juice

Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C and E. All three vitamins are essential for cell growth. It also contributes to healthy cell growth.

How to make aloe vera juice?

It is best to drink aloe vera juice on an empty stomach. Take 20ml of aloe vera gel (extracted from the plant) and mix it with a glass of water and drink it. Tulsi and gooseberry can also be mixed with aloe vera.

cucumber juice

Vitamin A in cucumber helps the scalp and promotes faster hair growth. The hair is also healthy.

How to make cucumber juice?

Peel two cucumbers and cut them into 2-3 pieces. Add the water, mint leaves, lemon juice and salt to a blender and grind and drink.

carrot juice

Carrots are packed with vitamin A and vitamin E, both of which help stimulate hair growth. Also protects against dandruff. Take carrot juice in your daily diet to get thick and long hair.

How to make carrot juice?

Peel the top three carrots, chop them and put them in the blender. Mix lemon juice, mint leaves and salt with water and enjoy.

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