Mercury will form the opposite Rajayoga in the Leo sign, these 3 signs have a strong chance of progressing with wealth! | budh transit will in leo zodiac sign these zodiac signs can be more profit prp 93

According to Vedic astrology, each time a planet changes from one sign to another sign. So it directly affects human life. Moreover, this change in Rashi is a good omen for some and a bad omen for others. On July 31, Mercury will enter Leo. In this transformation rasi of Mercury, opposite Rajayoga is formed in the horoscope of 3 rasi. Let’s find out what these zodiac signs are…

Capricorn: Opposite, Raja Yoga forms in your Gochar Kundali. You can get sudden financial benefits during this period. Also, if you are planning to buy a property or a vehicle right now, you can buy it. You may receive a new job offer. If you are employed, you may get a promotion or a raise. However, this time you need to take care of your address health. Also, your health may deteriorate during this time.

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Virgin : Vitra Raja Yoga can benefit you. You can earn good income during this period. At this time, you can make any investment in the business. At this time, you can recover the loaned money. Also the lord of your sign is postulated in the 12th house. So you can achieve success in your career. But this time you may be depressed and worried about something. On the other hand, in Gochar kundli, Jupiter sits in the house of the wife forming Rajyoga. So you can get full support from your life partner. Success can only be achieved through the work of seven partnerships. Take care of health.

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Gemini: Vitra Raja Yoga can be progressive for you. This yoga forms in the third house from your sign. Thus, your courage and prowess will increase during this period. During this period, you can get sudden benefits. Companies can receive new orders. Thanks to which you can earn a good profit. Along with this, a new job offer may also arrive at this time. But this time you need to take care of your health. Otherwise, damage may occur.

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