Question from Subramanian Swamy on Aphaman Kumar Ramsetu’s film

Akshay Kumar is once again embroiled in controversies. This controversy has arisen regarding the Bollywood actor’s upcoming film Ram Sethu. In fact, politician Subramanian Swamy targeted Akshay Kumar alleging that wrong facts are shown in Akshay’s movie Ram Sethu. He also made two tweets about it on Saturday. In these tweets, Swamy also questioned the citizenship of the actor and wrote that if Akshay Kumar is a foreign national, he can also ask to deport him from the country. Along with this, it was said to sue the filmmakers including the actor.

made two tweets
Subramanian Swamy made two tweets regarding this movie. In the first tweet, Swamy wrote that I will file a complaint against actor Akshay Kumar and his Karma Media. He showed his upcoming movie Ram Sethu badly. Swamy wrote that Akshay Kumar’s film damaged Ram Sethu’s image. Along with this, while talking about the legal process, he writes that my lawyer Satya Sabharwal has finalized the draft of the case.

said this about citizenship
Subramanian Swamy did not stop there. After that, in his next tweet, he also raised questions about movie actor Akshay Kumar’s citizenship. Along with this, he also wrote that if Akshay Kumar is a foreign national, we will demand to arrest him and take him out of the country. Significantly, questions about Akshay Kumar’s citizenship are often raised on social media. Akshay Kumar is said to be a Canadian citizen. Although Akshay Kumar himself has never made a public statement about it.

Do you also remember ‘Tere Naam’ after listening to the song ‘Dhaagon Se Bandha’ from Akshay Kumar’s movie Rakshabandhan?

what is the story of ramsetu movie
The movie Ram Sethu is based on the Ram Sethu built between India and Sri Lanka. In this, Akshay Kumar played the role of an archaeologist, who is trying to find out his truth. Apart from Akshay, Nusrat Bharuch and Jacqueline Fernandez also played roles in this film.

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