Students create a bridge chair for the teacher to help them get into school, watch the video here

Rainwater in front of the school. The primary teacher asked the students to bring the chairs one by one so that the water did not touch their feet. Following the teacher’s instructions, the students built a bridge by placing chairs in a row and arranged for Didimani to enter the school. The video of this incident has gone viral across the internet. And as soon as it went viral, the teacher was suspended for her behavior.

Uttar Pradesh’s face was once again burned when such incidents of Yogi Rajya emerged. A few days ago, a video of a teacher from a primary school in Yogiraj massaging the hands of a student sitting in class went viral. In this case, the teacher was fired. In a video that has recently gone viral, a teacher is seen entering the school by climbing on the plastic chairs kept by the students and knocking them down one by one.

A person named Payal Mahindra tweeted this video after which it quickly went viral. According to media reports, the incident happened at a primary school in Baladev Gram Panchayat in Mathura. The name of the accused teacher is Pallavi Shrotia. It is known that there are seven teachers in total in this school. Everyone enters the school wading through monsoon water. Except only Pallavi. She has been working as an assistant teacher in this school for a year and a half.

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However, he told the media that he did not want to cross water to come to school because of his skin allergy. He therefore asked the students to make such arrangements. However, the school education department is not willing to accept such a request. Earlier, a video from Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh caught the attention of netizens on social media where a few students were seen standing with umbrellas to stop water falling on a teacher from the roof. This incident also caused a stir in the internet world.

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