When the principal pressured them not to come to school late, the teachers brutally beat them in the hall.

In the college located in Nisarpura village of the block, at 9am on Saturday morning, the case of the beating of the headmaster of the school by his own colleagues and three teachers in the hall came to light. According to the information received, at around 9 a.m. on Saturday morning, school block teachers Rani Kumari, Rituraj and Rupa Rani Gowri together locked principal Sharda Kumari in the room and beat him by slapping him, giving him punches and holding his hair. Hearing the sound of knocking and noise, the children came out of the classroom and started making noise, and then the people around somehow saved the headmistress.

The director filed a written complaint at the police station

In this regard, a petition was filed by the director of the local police station against the three accused teachers. Principal Sharda Kumari arrived at the school as usual at nine o’clock in the morning as she sat in her office, beaten up and ran away from school. The villagers had also lodged a complaint with the superior officer against these three teachers. Principal victim says Rani Kumari is not in charge of school. Despite this, she keeps with her all the necessary records of the office. So far, they haven’t even been charged. Every day he gives lewd obscene abuse. They are not allowed to do office work. She made a written complaint to the district education officer several times about it, but no action was taken. Not only that, they were pushed daily with each other.

Villagers had complained about teachers earlier too

The villagers are also angry at the whole incident. The villagers had written a letter to the RDDE a few days ago, in which mention was made of the arbitrariness of these three teachers. Principal Sharda Kumari said the school has grades one to five, in which there are 175 children. The number of teachers is 6 in which three male Bijendra, Vikash, Kamlesh, three female, Rani Kumari, Rituraj and Rupa Rani are secondary, the three female teachers are arbitrary in studies, come at 11 o’clock, do their attendance and leave before school is closed, naughty abuse. Today these three locked the room and beat them.

Action will be taken against the culprits: BDO

At the same time, the school’s cook, Sarita Devi, said that when there was a fight, we tried to leave, then the three teachers pushed us away after locking the headmistress in the room and beating them. the people gathered around. Asked about the reason for the incident, it was said that the three teachers arrived late. After learning of the incident, BDO Prashant Kumar and education officer Ram Vilas Raman interviewed the victim’s headmistress Sharda Kumari, the school children and the cook. The BDO said the matter had been investigated regardless of any action taken against the culprits.

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