grenade bomb, the students were playing near the school, the ball entered the classroom, it was shocking when they entered – while playing in the school, the students found a grenade at hand in the classroom

Said: A shocking incident has revealed that a hand grenade was found in a school in Kudnur village in Daflapur at Jat taluka. The bomb was found in a room while schoolchildren were playing. So there was an outcry. The police bomb detection team rushed to the scene and seized the hand grenade. An investigation has been opened to find out how the bomb reached this place. (while playing school, the students found a hand grenade in the classroom)

A grenade was found in a school for Marathi boys in Kudnur village near Daflapur in Jat taluka of Sangli district. The schoolchildren were playing cricket. While he was playing, his ball went through the window into a classroom. The boys then entered the room to fetch the ball. But they found a grenade in the classroom. The kids realized it was something different. He immediately informed the villagers.

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After this information given by the children, the people of the village rushed to the school. The villagers also saw hand grenades in the classroom. He was shocked by this. He immediately reported the information to the police. After the information provided by the villagers, the Jat police together with the bomb detection team and the canine team also entered the village of Kadnoor. After that, the police seized the hand grenade.

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However, how did this hand grenade get here? Who dropped it? , such questions arose in front of the police. In this regard, the police have opened an investigation. So, earlier in 2017, a similar incident was revealed. At that time, two bombs were found in the same village of Kudnoor.

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