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In the last week of February, as Russia began its incursion into Ukraine, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement. But this leaflet did not speak of Russia and Ukraine but of Taiwan. “Taiwan is not Ukraine,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters in Beijing. “Taiwan has always been an integral part of China. This is an indisputable legal and historical fact,” China explained.

But the end of the bloody war in Ukraine is not in sight any time soon. On the other hand, political tensions in the Taiwan Strait have increased significantly in recent times. These two conflicts make these two geopolitical challenges in Asia more confusing and indirectly analogous to each other.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also said on Wednesday that the two conflicts were indirectly linked. Lavrov said US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan this week is just another example of the path the US is taking in Ukraine. Although Russia announced its decision to invade Ukraine itself, Lavrov held the West responsible for this decision and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The possibility of Moscow and Beijing getting closer has been expressed since the start of the war in Ukraine. America was the main reason behind this. While clarifying its position on the Ukrainian and Taiwanese issues, America declared that the ongoing conflict over these two territories is a conflict between dictatorship and democracy. Pelosi, who recently visited Taiwan, took a similar stance during her visit to Ukraine. On Wednesday, he raised the same issues when presenting the American position in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

If we look at the conflict between Taiwan and Ukraine from the double angle of history and geography, we see that there are many differences in the origin of these questions and the general situation concerning these two countries. But both of these democracies are neighbors to large, powerful countries with nuclear weapons and ruled by authoritarian leaders. These two countries are not considered sovereign states by their neighbors and are each struggling in their own way to become global superpowers. This is the biggest similarity between the two cases.

A big difference, of course, is that the United States and its allies support Ukraine as an independent country. But at the same time, the US “one China” policy does not support Taiwan independence. Meanwhile, the US position on whether Washington would defend Taiwan if attacked by Beijing remains unclear. Amidst all this confusion, concern over Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, her speech there and the military role, it seems that the whole world is now worried about how China is doing. choose on the issue of Taiwan.

The White House had urged Pelosi not to travel to Taiwan. Washington has always preferred a balanced role in this regard. Because whether it is the war in Ukraine or the question of Taiwan, Washington has made its position clear in both cases. America seeks to strengthen the international order around Western values ​​while avoiding broader conflict. Washington has now offered over $8 billion in direct military aid to Ukraine. Some of the more than $54 billion in aid provided by the United States is currently being sent by the United States, which has become very important to Ukraine during this conflict. US President Joe Biden has repeatedly said, “He doesn’t want to take any action that would lead to a direct war with Russia.” So far, despite recriminations and mutual warnings, Moscow seems to be careful that NATO does not enter the war against Ukraine.

The Bayde administration also worked with European allies to preserve the unity of the Ukrainian question. However, if there is a conflict with China over the Taiwan issue, there is likely to be a split among America’s allies, especially European allies.

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