know inside story – know inside story if rohit sharma will play in game four against west indies after injury

New Delhi: Indian captain Rohit Sharma was injured in the third game of Twenty20. So he left the field beating. After that, Rohit did not return to the pitch. Therefore, Rohit’s condition was considered serious. But now the information as to whether he will feature in the fourth Twenty20 game on Saturday has been revealed.

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After accepting the captaincy, Rohit was accused of resting in more games than playing. But everyone saw what happened in the third game. While he was punching, Rohit’s back was filled with swelling and because of that, he couldn’t stand up. Rohit had scored 11 points with a six and a four before his back started hurting. Rohit couldn’t even stand up at that time. He therefore left the field with the support of a reserve player. But now everyone is curious whether Rohit will play fourth or not.

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After getting injured in the third game, Rohit came onto the pitch for the congratulatory ceremony. By then, Rohit had given an update on his injury. Rohit had said at the time: “My health is fine now. My back hurt during the game. But now I’m fine. Also, there are a few days between the third and fourth game, at which time I will be fully adapted.”

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The Indian team arrived in America for the fourth and fifth matches. Meanwhile, it appears from the sources that Rohit’s injury has now recovered. Therefore, it is almost certain that Rohit will play in Game 4. So Rohit can play in the game. But in view of the next World Cup, Rohit can definitely be kept out of the squad if he wants to rest. But that decision will be entirely up to Rohit. If Rohit feels he is not in top form, he will not play this game. So now everyone is going to be curious whether Rohit Sharma will play in the fourth game or not.

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