Sunny wants to look back on her past days:

Sunny wants to look back on her past days:

Today, Sunny is a well-known Bollywood actress. This deadline has expired. Is that why the past can be forgotten? Sunny Leone wants to return to her previous existence and enroll in school. Films and objects are dances. This time, Sunny wants to study. For this reason, he wants to go back to school.

However, what made Sunny Leone want to go back to school? The main character really wants to try acting and dancing, while this time focusing on a new course. Sunny wants to help with the scripting and editing. Sunny, however, fully wants to study and work in the field, this is not the case. The actress wants to take screenwriting and editing classes for this reason.

Sunny wants to look back on her past days:
Sunny Leone Past Life

She wants to go back to her old days in Qiu?

Sunny Leone recently commented, “I have been wanting to take this course for several days. I finally had this chance. I’m quite happy. It is well known that the actress moved there to enroll in the program. This time, he will begin his studies there.


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