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Friends, in today’s post we are going to tell you that if you have any Poetry If you want to talk, whether you want to talk about poetry in school or in any other program, then here we are going to tell you a lot of those poems that you scene management Time can speak.

Stage Direction Shayari

1.Break every cage and fly to the sky, even if Lakh Put a little guard, let’s break every ending, we have to fulfill every dream, just decide once, every problem will be solved, when intention You will be tough.

2The weight of the words is revealed by the brother of whom we speak, as well as on the walls ” welcome “is written.

3Friends, I must take care of myself falling,To burn is to burn I write my own destiny with my own hands, I know how to change the whole gathering.

Shayari for stage anchoring

1There are many people when I cross paths in life, but not everyone has the same thing as you.

2There’s such a feeling of love inside of me, I mingle with you every moment, I’m something special, remember this program for life, laughter tonight andaaz I am

3Be in love with yourself, do something special, populate yourself with your own thoughts, quit hate and celebrate this day with so much happiness, If tomorrow is not here, then the birds should also remember us.

4Create your own earth and your own sky, You create a new feeling for yourself, Where do you get happiness by asking, my friend, instill belief in your every step.

shayari for anchoring

1Qawwal is adorned with qawwalis, a poet is adorned with poets, an artist is adorned with artists, and the audience is honored with applause.

2Do not cling to the purpose of smiling, otherwise life will be cut short, sometimes life will smile at you smiling for no reason.

Shayari in Hindi for stage anchoring

1Blow all the enmity in these winds, my friend, how long will you hate in this short life, don’t be proud, fate keeps changing in life, the lead stays the same, only the picture keeps changing .

2Don’t think my friend that your dream will never come true, the intention of a brave person is never incomplete, the person whose work is good, there is never darkness in his life.

3People come to our gathering uninvited, because flowers are not left in the reception area here.

4.Everyone wished victory, cold air in hot weather, you felt like good medicine for the problem.

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