Shani Dev: Doing ‘this’ remedy on Saturday will please Shani Dev; Stuck work will be done

According to astrology, if Saturn is weakened in a person’s horoscope, that person will face inauspicious outcomes. On the contrary, if Saturn is strong, good days begin for the person. Shani is said to be happy to worship Shani before sunrise and after sunset on Saturdays. Also, there are many other ways to please Lord Shani. Let’s find out what these solutions are and how they can benefit from them.

  • Feed the cow with honey

A simple solution is given in astrology to avoid facing Saturn’s half-seven. It is said that if a cow is fed oil polish after sunset on Saturday, Saturn’s position in the horoscope is strengthened.

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  • Worship Saturn on Saturday

Many people fast on Saturdays to please Lord Shani. Also, many other remedies do this. So that they are protected from the seven and a half hours of Saturn. These remedies are said to please Lord Shani. Along with this, after getting up on Brahma Muhurta on Saturday and after taking a bath etc, worship of Lord Shani should be done. It removes grief, conflict and failures in life.

  • Donate by putting an iron nail in mustard oil according to astrology. Also offer it in pimpal root. By doing this, Lord Shani is happy and fulfills all desires.
  • Chhaya Dana also holds special significance on this day. Take mustard oil in a brass container and see the face in it, then keep it in the Shani temple.
  • Making parathas of oil and putting sweet stuff in it and giving it to the calf of the cow is very beneficial.

(The information provided here is based on assumptions and general information.)

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