Main blogger site kaise banae 2022

Friends if you want to know how to create a website in Blogger without any cost then today’s post is for you because in today’s post we will tell you how you can create your own website in Blogging for free.

Main blogger site kaise banae 2022

guys blogger It is a product of Google, so you don’t need to buy hosting to create a website on a blog, because Google has a lot of database, because of this, Google itself offers its hosting for free and if you want to build your website on the blog then you can also get the domain for free but this domain What will happen.

For example, if you want to get a domain The free domain you will get here will be if you only want to take, you will have to pay some money which is almost 700 to 800 And if you want to buy this domain in Blogger itself, you will get there 1200 to 1500 The cost will come.

where to get the domain

Friends, first of all, we would like to tell you that if you have a domain of your own like dot com, dot in, dot xyz If you want to buy this type of domain, then the best platform is for you. God come on accommodation These are two such websites where you will get the domain at chip price apart from this there are many other websites where you can buy such domains but you should try to buy domains from these websites because it is a trusted website.

If you buy a domain from another website, that website may be a fraud and after a month or two when your earnings start, your domain may be closed and then your substantial loss This may be why you buy the domain from Godaddy or host it only.

How to Login to Blogger After Buying a Domain from Godaddy

After buying the domain from godaddy your product You have to go there, you will see the domain, then in front of the domain, you will see the managed domain, you have to touch it.

Then you need to touch Change DNS

After that you have to go to your blog website and there you have to advertising domain But if you want to touch then there you will get your domain name, then there you enter your domain name which you bought from your godaddy, after that when you enter you will see DNS records in front of you that DNS Copy and paste the DNS option which will appear in the GoDaddy account, then you need to press submit, then your domain will be attached to your website.

When your domain is attached to your blogger’s site, after an hour or two of waiting, your URLs It will be in the name of your same domain name, then you can put a message on your website and rank it in Google.

So my friends this was the way to build your website in Blogger and if you want to get any information related to the website then you can check our site and here you will get many such information which will be related to the website .

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