Speech of August 15, 2022 for schoolchildren

Speech of August 15 Independence Day is celebrated with great fanfare in our country every year on August 15. This year 2022 has completed the 75 years of independence of our country and we are entering the 76th year of independence of the country. This time Amrit Mahotsav is organized by the Government of India to commemorate the completion of the 75th year across the country.

Also this time, like every year, various programs will be held in all schools, colleges, offices and other institutions across the country. Such as essay contests, speech contests, etc. If you are also going to participate in the speech contest at your school, this article will be useful for you. You are the for schoolchildren August 15 speech To prepare it, you can help yourself with the ingredients given here.

Speech of August 15, 2022 (Independence Day)

Respected Mr. Principal Guest, Mr. Principal, All respected teachers, and all parents present here and my dear friends, today I wish you all the best on this happy occasion of August 15th. As you all know, on this day our country gained freedom after winning the struggle for freedom from British rule. Many brave soldiers of our country had sacrificed their lives in this struggle for freedom. After which we got independence in 1947. And since then the day of August 15 is celebrated every year as a national holiday.

India was under British rule for some time before independence on August 15, 1947. It was known as a British colony. During this time, the British committed many atrocities against the Indian citizens, due to which the citizens objected over time, but the situation became very bad day by day.

To suppress the demand for independence, British rule created even worse conditions for ordinary people. Despite this, the country’s freedom fighters did not give up and were martyred as they walked the path of freedom. The result of the efforts of these martyrs is that today we live in an independent India.


After the independence of the country, a constitution was drawn up by which the system of self-government was prepared in our country. So that our country never becomes independent in the future. Various works have been launched for the development of the country. Along with this, Independence Day started to be celebrated every year.

independence day On this day, the Prime Minister hoists the national flag at the Red Fort in Delhi and the President of our country delivers the address to the nation. Each organizes various activities and programs in government institutions and educational institutions. And everyone actively participates in it, for example, by singing patriotic songs, acting, speech contests, writing essays, etc.

Today, on this occasion, in remembrance of all the heroes and patriots who were martyred for their country, we bow before them. Who liberated the country from the British after 200 years of slavery. We hear the names of some of these patriots from childhood such as – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey, Motilal Nehru, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, etc.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of freedom fighters, we are here today. Eh. Therefore, while paying homage to all of them, we should try to make India the dreams of these fighters.

I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to express my point of view and finally to end my speech with these few lines.

Say hello to this tricolor,
who is proud of you,
always keep your head up,
As long as there is life in the heart.

August 15 speech

Respected guest of honor present here, Sir, Mr. Principal, all the teaching staff and my dear friends, wishing you all a good morning and a very happy Independence Day.

This year we celebrate the Amrit Mahotsav of independence to mark the completion of the 75th year of the country’s independence. 75 years ago from today, our country gained its independence on August 15, 1947. On this day, all compatriots celebrate it as a national holiday. Independence is celebrated in all corners of the country.

On this day our tricolor national flag is hoisted by the Prime Minister at the Red Fort in Delhi. At the same time, the president also addresses the whole country every year on the eve of Independence Day. And a 21-gun salute is also given to the brave soldiers and patriots who gave freedom. Along with this, many programs are held on this day in all educational institutions, government offices, etc.


Like every year, this time too we are celebrating August 15 with great fanfare. The celebration of the country’s independence is thus celebrated this year, as part of the “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign launched by PM Modi, citizens raised the tricolor flag at home. As we know from childhood, our country has been a slave to the British for 200 years. And to break the shackles of this slavery, our country’s freedom fighters have gone to great lengths and sacrificed their lives when necessary. Today, thanks to his sacrifice, we have the opportunity to live in an independent India.

On August 15, all citizens must pledge never to let the sacrifices of our martyrs go in vain. For this, we must pay attention to the different aspects of the development of the country at our own level. So that our country can move forward on the path of development. It will also be necessary to pay attention to the problems which are becoming an obstacle to the development of the country. Such as – pollution, increase in population, unemployment, etc. All of these problems are somehow related to each other. If everyone starts to manage them at their own level and continues their efforts, then soon our country will be in a better position than before.

Along with this, we also need to maintain our culture and cultural heritage. Our country is known for its unity in diversity. People from different religions and cultures live here. And this is only the case in our country. In order to keep all this even further, it is necessary that we all live together without any caste, religion or bondage. This will keep our country united. We must then learn from our past how our country was fragmented on this basis when countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh were created. If we keep breaking up like this, it won’t be good for anyone.

Finally, I thank you all for listening to my thoughts with great patience. And with that, I end the words with these lines.

the pride of the country,
We are the children of the country.
Tricolor painted with three colors,
It is your identity.

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How many years have passed since independence in 2022?

On August 15, 2022, India’s 75 years of independence came to an end. This year we are entering the 76th year.

Why do we celebrate August 15?

All Indians celebrate Independence Day on August 15th. It was on this day that our country became independent, in whose honor Independence Day is celebrated.

What is Independence Day called in English?

Independence Day is called Independence Day in English.

How to write an essay on independence day?

If you also want to write an independence day essay, you can prepare your speech by reading the independence day speeches given in this article.

When do we celebrate Independence Day?

Independence Day is celebrated on August 15 every year.

Where is the flag raised on August 15?

The flag is hoisted at the Red Fort in New Delhi every year on August 15/Independence Day.

When did India become independent?

Our country, India, became independent from British rule on August 15, 1947


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