Apni khud ki website kese banae 2022

Friends if you want to know own website How to do, today’s post is only for you because in today’s post we are going to tell you how you can design a new website for yourself, how much will it cost and what what to do, we will give you all the information in this post. If so, let’s start the post.

Ek website banana mai kitna kharch ata hai

Friends, if you want to know how much it costs to create a website, we will tell you. developer If you do web design from At least Rs 10000 He will take charge outside of your accommodation the cost will be different domain The cost will be different.

If you want to make your business website then it’s every month maintenance fees You will also need to give it to the developer every month.

How much does website maintenance cost each month, it depends on your website and job, the higher your website is, the more you will have to pay the developer each month, if you don’t pay the website developer, your site Web will be offline.

So my friends this was a top website like Amazon come on flipkart But if you want to create a simple website, want to earn money by being approved by AP Google Adsense, we will also tell you how much it will cost you.

How much will it cost to create a website with your own hands

If you want to make a website for yourself with your own hands, then make a website two platforms there exists a blogger website the other side is wordpress website But blogger website functionality is very less and you don’t have freedom to work freely while wordpress has unlimited functionality and you can do anything on your website so whenever you create a website, do it in wordpress itself.

It costs you very little to create a website in Blogger because if you create a website in Blogger then there will be no need for hosting, Blogger provides you own hosting that too absolutely free but if you create a website in WordPress, then that’s why you will have to buy hosting yourself which is almost 3500 rupees will be per year.

If you create a website on Blogger, then there you will only have to buy a single domain name whose cost is Rs. 700 to 800 but in wordpress you will have to buy both the name and the hosting if you want to know how to create a website in a blogger you can read our next article in which we will tell you how to create a website for yourself in a blogger can also be done in very less cost.

So friends hope you got a lot of information from this article and also you must have understood how much it costs to build a website.

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