Melamine Furniture: Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Melamine furniture is increasingly chosen. Let’s review what its features, pros and cons are. Are they ideal for your home?

Melamine Furniture: Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Last update: August 05, 2022

Melamine furniture has been a favorite of many people for quite some time now. Indeed, they have many advantages, which we will examine below. We will start by explaining to you what this piece of furniture consists of, its characteristics, its advantages and its disadvantages.

We expect that melamine furniture is used not only at home, but also for assembly in the office. If you look at your home or workplace, you will surely find such an element. We invite you to read until the end so that you can have a complete idea about this piece of furniture.

Main features of melamine furniture

Melamine furniture looks like wood. but in reality it is a board made of wood particles bonded with resins. They are also known as mdf panels.

Once the plate is made, it is covered with a sheet of melamine resin.

What is melamine? It is an organic compound made from an ultra-resistant synthetic polymer. Colors, patterns and textures imitating wood are applied to this layer. The melamine is applied to cover both sides of the panel, while the edges are left uncovered.

In this case, use the tapacantoswhich are strips of PVC of the same design as the melamine, which are applied to the edges to give a correct finish to the furniture.

There are two types of plates or boards that can be covered with melamine and which are used for the manufacture of furniture:

  • agglomerate: They are a little cheaper, because they are lighter and less resistant. The surface of these panels is rough, which can cause it to crack over time and this imperfection is reflected in the melamine layer.
  • Low, medium and high density fibres: they are made of MDF or DM and have a better finish for the application of melamine. It’s more stable and more expensive than chipboard, but worth it if you see the end result.

Advantages of melamine furniture

The advantages offered by this type of furniture are numerous, especially if we take into account the quality/price ratio, practicality, resistance, maintenance and variety of designs.

Melamine is an inexpensive material that can mimic wood when finished properly.


Undoubtedly, those of melamine they are much cheaper than traditional wooden furniture. We compare them with this material because the finish is very similar.

The ratio established between cost and quality is optimal. For a very low price we will take an excellent product.

Wood is more expensive because it requires complex and delicate processes to obtain and then manufacture furniture. Woods like walnut or mahogany can be extremely expensive.


From the previous point, the relationship of melamine furniture with the environment is clear. Since it is not natural wood, it is considered durable.

Remember that the plinth is made with leftover wood that was not extracted for this purpose. You could say it is made from waste.


If there are characteristics that define melamine furniture, it is its practicality, versatility and efficiency. They can be placed in any space of the house; even in the kitchen and bathroom. They are very resistant to humidity, in addition to being excellent for furnishing offices and Workspaces.

By offering a wide variety of designs, it is possible to find colors and textures suitable for all decorative styles. In this sense, there are monochromatic melamine panels, as well as designs that mimic wood with its grains and textures.


Melamine plates are very resistant to heat and humidity. They also accept different types of household cleaners.

On the other hand, they do not leave room for the development of micro-organisms. It can be handled with drills, cutters, screwdrivers, saws and all professional woodworking tools.


Being a non-porous material, melamine does not absorb stains or moisture. In fact, it tolerates high temperatures and sun exposure very well.

It is possible to clean it with different products, such as detergents and others, without damaging its structure. The only precaution to take into account is that the cleaning cloth is slightly dampened and not soaked.


Melamine provides thermal and acoustic insulation. On the one hand, it keeps ambient temperatures in balance, and on the other hand, it isolates noises that could be annoying.


The wide variety of designs that can be achieved with melamine is one of the main reasons why it is so chosen.. Bright, bright or matte colors, smooth or textured surfaces, such as wood, and even patterns imitating marble and granite.

Paint can help make melamine furniture look more like other materials, like wood.

Disadvantages of melamine furniture

Since there is no perfect material, melamine plates also have some flaws and disadvantages that we detail below:

  • They are difficult to repair: when they break, they cannot be recovered. You can hide the damage, but not repair it in the state it was in.
  • They wear out more easily than natural wood: while the latter can be treated back to its original state, melamine furniture cannot hide deterioration.
  • If they get wet, they swell and deteriorate: Although they are resistant to humidity, direct contact with water damages this type of furniture.
  • You must sing them: i.e. apply the ribbons edge banding. Otherwise, the edges are exposed and it’s easier for moisture to seep through.
  • They require industrial cutters so that the cuts are well done: In any case, there are cutting programs that optimize the use of the melamine plate. You only need to take the measurements of the tables you will need and that’s it. You can even request that they place the edge cover.

Melamine furniture is an interesting option

We hope to have given you a general idea of ​​this type of furniture, so that you can have more tools to decide which one to buy. Weighing the pros and cons, the advantages end up being more than the disadvantages. With a little care and precaution, you will have durable furniture.

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