Father cuts off his son’s hand Madhya Pradesh father cuts off his son’s hand for refusing to give him the keys to the bike – Madhya Pradesh father cuts off his son’s hand for refusing to give him the keys to the bike bike

Damoh: A very shocking incident took place in Damoh of Madhya Pradesh. The father broke his son’s hand because of a small argument and reached the police station with his hand. The police arrested the father. The son refused to give the key to the bike to his father. This led to an argument between the two and the father assaulting the son.

There is a village called Bobai within the boundaries of Jerath Police Station in Damoh. Around 4 p.m. Thursday, Moti Kachi, 52, asked his 30-year-old son, Santosh, for the key to the bike. Moti wanted out. But Santosh refused to give the key. Santosh told his dad you didn’t help me pay the bike deposit.
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Father got angry after hearing Santosh’s answer. There was a bitter struggle between them. At the same time, Moti’s brother, Ramkishan, arrived there. Moti started beating Santosh with help from Ramkishan. Even after being beaten by his father and uncle, Santosh refused to hand over the key to the bike.

Moti attacked the boy with an axe. Santosh’s left hand was severed from the body. Santosh started screaming in pain. After that, Moti reached the police station with Santosh’s hand and axe. He surrendered to the police. When the police arrived at her home, Santosh was moaning in pain. He is currently undergoing treatment at the district hospital.
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Father and son had quarreled before. Moti owns 5 acres of land. Both cultivate together. There was also a fight between the two to cut the grass in the field. Santosh bought a bicycle. But he was worried because the deposit could not be paid on time. He asked his father for financial help. But the father said he had no money.

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