partha chatterjee arpita mukherjee ed custody updates: bail plea rejected, court orders partha-arpita 14 days in jail

The bail request was not granted. The special court sent Parth and Arpita to detention for 14 days. After hearing both parties at length, the court adjourned the verdict. After that, the two were sent to detention for 14 days. The two will be arraigned again on August 18.

Partha Chatterjee and Arpita appeared again in Bankshal Court after the health check at ESI Joka on Friday. The hearing continues. The former minister’s lawyer requested bail. Lawyer Anindya Raut claimed his client Partha Chatterjee was “innocent”.

What did Parthar’s lawyer say in court?

The 2-day custody period at Parth and Arpita ER ends that day. As a result, “Apa” was once again presented in court. While arguing for Parthar’s release on bail, his lawyer told the court, “There is no evidence that Parthar Chatterjee took a bribe.” All recovered documents are fake. No money was found from him during the search. He is an ordinary, innocent man. He won’t run anywhere. Partha Chatterjee is also considering stepping down as an MP if necessary.

Partha Chatterjee is currently Trinamool MP for Behala West.

ED arrested Partha Chattopadhyay on July 23 for embezzlement in the SSC affair when he was a minister, general secretary of Trinamool. As a result, influential titles are associated with Partha. But lawyer Anindya Kishore Raut is desperately trying to make sure the title doesn’t hamper Partha Chatterjee’s legal battle. Accordingly, in today’s question, it was said on behalf of Partha, if necessary, Partha Chatterjee is considering resigning from the post of MP.

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ED did not ask to take Partha Chatterjee into custody. A custody of 12 days was requested. It is also said that ED detectives are keen to go to jail and question Parth if necessary.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee dismissed Partha Chatterjee from the ministry last week. On the same day, Abhishek Banerjee, general secretary of Trinamool, head of the disciplinary committee, announced the suspension of the post of editor of the party spokesperson.

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