Pune: a raided gambling den in Yerawada; Crime against 14 people

The Social Security Department of the Criminal Branch raided a gambling den located in the Vasahat area of ​​the Yerawada area psychiatric hospital. In this action, the police registered a case against the owner, workers and players of the gambling den.

The Social Security Department of the Criminal Branch received information about a gambling den in the settlement area of ​​Yerawada Psychiatric Hospital. Then the police raided there. The four players fled when they saw the police. The police arrested the owner of the gambling den as well as the workers. In this operation, the police seized four mobile devices, in cash worth Rs. 23 thousand 840.

A case has been registered against 14 people including Manik Ade, Vishal Gupta, Dhammapal Tompe, Deva Pillay, Babu Shinde, Malkondya Ragam, Vishal Patil, Bunty Mishra, Akram Siddique.

Under Deputy Police Commissioner Srinivas Ghadge, Senior Police Inspectors Rajesh Puranik, Rajendra Kumawat, Baba Karpe, Pramod Mehite, Manisha Pukale, Anna Mane, etc. took this action.

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