Opening of registrations for the ATR program: "Registered tourist hosts"


Opening of registrations for the ATR program: "Registered tourist hosts"

The Municipality of Cordoba opens the call to participate in the free training cycle aimed at all residents, companies, students and professionals, companies and entrepreneurs in the gastronomy, transport and accommodation sectors, aimed at improving the experience in our city.

With this initiative, which had a successful first edition with more than 1,000 registered, the municipality seeks to strengthen Córdoba Capital as a tourist destination, improve the quality of service, ensuring that visitors and tourists have a best experience in our city and who come back

Together with leaders from the public and private sectors, chambers and entities related to tourism in the city, the second edition of the ATR was presented this morning, a new opportunity to deepen knowledge about Córdoba Capital, and that every Cordouan becomes a good guest in our city.

In this sense, the Secretary of the Government, Miguel Siciliano, pointed out:“This program is important for job creation in the city and for becoming the capital of tourism in the interior of the country. Cordoba has recovered public spaces, created superblocks, has a seafront, great events, history, culture, gastronomy and also prepares its neighbors to be great hosts. We want to build a tourist city because tourism is the great opportunity for this city to develop in the next ten years”.

Regarding the first edition of the ATR, the Director General of Tourism, Pablo Bianco, pointed out that“It exceeded all of our expectations with over 1,000 people signing up. What differentiates each tourist destination is the connection of citizens, which adds value to what we have to offer as a city”.

“We are seeing a very strong recovery in tourism, with many trips. We aspire to receive one million tourists this year, a very good statistic for the Capital. And being good hosts means getting to know each other better and that will help us build a fairer society that generates more job opportunities.said Pancho Marchiaro, general manager of promotion for the city.

Content and modality of the course
The modality of the new edition of ATR will be totally online and self-managed, with the possibility of taking the course any day and at any time, using a mobile phone, computer or tablet.

The content will be available in open class on the INFOSSEP platform. Registration is done through Vecino Digital (VEDI), entering the page of the Municipality of Córdoba There will be time to register throughout August, until August 31st. The course starts on September 1 and the closing of the classrooms will take place on November 30.

The new edition will have 5 (five) courses with content on the tangible and intangible heritage of the city, information on how to care for and protect tourists and neighbors. All content is developed from an inclusive perspective, with respect for diversity and the environment, taking the SDGs2030 (Sustainable Development Goals) as guidelines. you can Consult the chapters by clicking here.

Registrations and certification

It should be noted that registration is free and free, and is already open, via the Vecino Digital (VEDI) platform. It is possible to access an explanatory video by entering thislink.

Regarding certification, the Municipality of Cordoba, through the City’s Tourism and Promotion Departments, in collaboration with INFOSEPP, will issue each participant, upon completion of the program, with an accreditation and will also integrate into the host registry.

The certificate accredits the completion and approval of the course to all participants who have completed the required activities. A certificate will also be issued for each completed course.

Meanwhile, businesses that have more than 50% of people approved will receive a distinctive seal with the ATR Registered Tourist Host record that they can display and promote with their services.

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