bike without viral video channel know the features and price of the new tech update

I was going by bicycle… Bhelpuri.. Until we got there, the chain started in the way of the bicycle and the plan failed on the road. Many times this story happened with us. But now a viral video has relieved that this channel problem can be fixed forever. Since the cycle was first produced, it has undergone many updates. We have seen many changes from two wheels to six wheels or the addition of gears to e-bikes. But this new update, i.e. chainless bike, can definitely reduce the heartache caused by the chain coming out of the road.

In a viral video circulating on social networks, a person is seen riding a bicycle without a chain. In this, the pedals of the bicycle are directly attached to the wheel of the bicycle. In this video the difference between a normal bike and a chainless bike is also shown. This video was shared by a user named Tansu Yegen.

See a preview of a chainless bike

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In chainless bikes, the wheels are attached to the pedals using carbon fiber shafts. The shaft rotates 90 degrees from the rear wheel and pedals. At both ends of the shaft there are low friction ceramic bearings. These bearings move the torque (rotational force) produced by pedaling the drive shaft and the rear sprocket. In India, these models are usually manufactured by selected companies, the average price of this bike is between 25,000 and 52,000.

As the Twitter user said in the caption, this bike minus the comfort will get you going faster with less effort. Additionally, pedaling upright can reduce hip, knee, and joint pain. Pedal bikes with such shafts were also popular in the 1980s. This current version can be considered its most successful model.

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