How to create a PhonePe account? Do it this easy way. phone pe wallet

How to create a PhonePe account and how to activate pe phone wallet in hindi: phone pe app This is an app that helps you to make online payments such as: – Mobile recharge, money transfer, bill pay etc.

This makes your online payment even easier, this is an Indian app that supports digital payment, this app transfers your authorization from your account to another phone user’s account.

How to create a PhonePe account? Do it this easy way. phone pe wallet 2

In this app you also get a wallet in which you can add, this app is supported by UPI, in this you can pay directly without adding money. UPI is a payment method operated by the Indian government, which was launched for cashless. And it was promoted more and more.

Through Phone Pe app, you can use Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, Bill Pay, Data Recharge, Insurance, Money Transfer and many more services.

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How to create a PhonePe account? The easiest way

UPI was launched on April 11, 2016 by the Government of India and Phonepe account It was launched in December 2015, before UPI was launched, we needed to add money from our account to the wallet, but when UPI was launched, Phone pe added this feature to its app.

After that we didn’t need to add any more money, some time ago we only had to keep cash in our pocket, but since online payment started, our mobile has become a kind of wallet so that we can make payments whenever we want. also can pay on many other apps like Google pay, Paytm, BhimUpi, Bharatpe, airtel payment bank etc.

1. Install the pe phone.

To use PhonePe, you must first Google play store से phone pe you have to install

2. Create a Phone Pay account like this.

Now we will see how the phone pe account is created, open the phone pe app and click on register now.

Now a new page in front of you Create a PhonePe account It will open in which you will have to fill in the requested information

  • Phone number: In this you have to fill in your phone number which should be linked with your bank account, now click on verify and your mobile number will be verified by OTP.
  • Full name: In this you need to fill in your full name.
  • Set phone password: In this you need to fill in four digits according to you which you will remember this will be your pe phone password so that every time you log in remember it if needed.

Now you click Continue.

If you want you can select Hindi language here else let it be English and if you want to select another language then see other languages You can select by clicking

Now that you have become a PhonePe account, you now need to link your phone pe app to your bank account very easily so that you can start payment.

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First of all, you must know that the mobile number which is indicated when creating your pe phone account must be linked to your bank account and that the SIM3 card of this number must be in your mobile so that your account can be verified with your SIM card. .

1. To add a bank account, click My Money in the bottom menu and click Bank Account.

2. Now select the bank in which you have an account from this list of banks.

3. Now you will be asked which SIM card your account is linked to. If you have 2 SIM cards installed in your phone, select that SIM card and click Verify and your account will be linked to Phone Pay.

4. Now you need to create a six digit UPI password which you will be prompted for.

5. Now you need to enter the last 6 digits of your ATM account card and enter the date and click continue

So in this way your bank account will be very easily linked to your phone app and hope you understood it very easily.

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What is PHONE Pay and when was it launched?

This is an Indian app on phone and this app is called Ecommarce Company flipkart was launched in December 2015 and this app became a very good online payment app for Indians and it started to be used a lot.

The name of the owner of this app is Sameer Nigam and Rahul Chari who in 2016 through this app made UPI reach people and promoted online payment.

This app is considered to be the first upi based app in India and currently this app has more than 100 million users and more than 10 languages ​​have been included in this app so that people can use it in their own language.

Through this app you can avail facilities like mobile recharge, bill pay, dth recharge, google play card, gift cards, insurance, bill pay at no extra cost and through this, you can transfer money anywhere.

Many people order bus ticket, plane ticket, train ticket, movie ticket, food through this app, which you can do at home and anywhere anytime.

Friends after adding an account if you want you can also pay with your credit or debit card and if you want you can pay directly by selecting phone pe from any other site or app by grabbing your upi.

Friends, if you want to see your account balance, then by going to Home, click on Bank Balance at the top and you can see the balance by typing upi.

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Advantages of Phonepe?

Friends, the biggest advantage of this application is that no additional charges are taken on all payments made on this application, it is completely free and there are no charges on all services of this application.

There are no money transfer fees in this app or fees for adding money to the wallet.

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