gujarat news newborn baby girl found alive who was buried in a field by her parents couple arrested by police

Ahmedabad: A newborn girl buried in a field near GEB was found alive Thursday at Gambhoi in Himmatnagar in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat. The baby was alive when locals dug up the ground and removed it. He was then taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The parents of this newborn female mica have now been found. The couple said they buried the baby in a nearby field as they could not care for another baby as the family’s financial situation was dire.

These compassionate parents were arrested in Dangarwa village near Nandsan in Kadi taluka. Father had come to Sasari Gambhoi for 15 days. When Gambhoi police detained and interrogated him, he finally told the truth.

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I saw something move in the ground of the field, if I saw…

After a female farmer saw something moving in the soil of Hitendra Singh’s field, she screamed and people around rushed. After digging, a newborn mica of a woman was found buried in the ground. After that, locals immediately called 108 and the baby was admitted to Himmatnagar Civil Hospital.

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108 Sabarkantha supervisor Jamin Patel said a call was received at 10am on Thursday that a newborn female had been found buried in mica soil in a field near GEB in Gambhoi. Thus, 108 ambulances arrived on site. The baby was treated in an ambulance and resuscitated by BVM. The girl was admitted to Himmatnagar Civil for treatment. She is currently under observation.

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According to the police, the parents of the newborn are from Gandhinagar. The parents of the child’s mother, Manjuben, live in Gambhoi. They brought the newborn here. Husband and wife had been in Gambhoi for fifteen days. Three different Gambhoi Police teams opened an investigation and solved the case. During the investigation, the police joined the mother of the newborn. The newborn’s umbilical cord was not cut. That is, it is suspected that the innocent baby was buried in the ground immediately after birth.

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