The mysterious object that fell from space in 2014… Explorers explore the sea!

A mysterious object from outer space fell into the sea off New Guinea in 2014. Named CNEOS 2014-01-08, researchers initially speculated that the object was a meteorite and a galaxy. But I don’t know what it really is. I don’t know where it fell from.

Researchers Amir Siraj and Harvard professor Avi Loeb suspected that the object was of interstellar origin. They are currently studying the ocean floor for this material.

Analysis using catalog data estimated the width of the object at half a meter. Moreover, given the high heliocentric speed of the object, they suggest that it could belong to extrasolar space.

A specific look at the speed shows that the meteorite is not bound by the Sun’s gravity. Siraj and Loeb used data from a US Department of Defense spy satellite to measure the object’s impact on Earth. However, there is insufficient data to declare CNEOS2014-01-08 as a galaxy.

In this situation, researchers will study the seabed. Scattered meteorite fragments are searched for and studied. They say satellite data, recent wind and ocean data will be helpful.

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