study shayari in hindi 2022

study shayari in hindi 2022 Friends if you are studying and love poetry then today in this post we have brought you such poetry which is related to studies and you will enjoy a lot while reading them and if you like these poems in your If you want to share with friends, you can share.

study shayari in hindi 2022

Friends, if you like to read poetry and especially education-related poetry, you can check our website, here you can see such poetry-related articles.

shayari study

My friends, there are many such people who like to read and write poetry along with studies, if you are also one of them, we have also brought you a lot of poetry, which is related to studies, everything that people study. write and memorize this shayari, also can share it with his friends, it is this type of poetry which is for students and most of them are used by students, what shayari is it?

motivational shayari

There are many such Shayari which are very motivational, many people are using these Shayari on their WhatsApp, Facebook and other places and some people are sharing Motivational Shayari in front of everyone at school, college and elsewhere. Motivational Shayari We have shared with you….

1. Don’t get tired now, don’t lose your courage now, have the courage to do anything in life, that’s why the journey continues.

2. Those who start the journey… they also get the destination… It is important to have the courage to walk only once Because …even the paths are waiting for the right people.

3. This is what I learned from life, work hard, don’t stop. Whatever the situation, do not bow down to anyone.

4. The one who changes luck by fighting with time, the person who changes his destiny, never think about what will happen tomorrow, do you know that tomorrow time can change its own image.

5. If you want to achieve anything in life, then change your destiny…. No intent.

6. Only those people get the destination, who have life in their dreams, nothing happens with the wings, there should be flight in the spirits.

7. Fall apart, break, cry but don’t give up

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