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Mumbai Me Paise Kaise Kamaye :- Friends, if you also live in Mumbai city or confinement You have lost your job or are planning to move to Mumbai and you are worried that how can i make money in mumbai Then you have come to the right article.

You must be aware that Mumbai is one of the biggest cities in India where many millionaires live, Mumbai is a city that never stops. Mumbai continues to operate for 24 hours.

Today we will tell you through this article how to make money in mumbaiIf you use the methods mentioned in the article from us, you can also earn easy money by staying in the city of Mumbai.

So let us start this article without taking much of your time and know what are the ways in which Bombay In silver to win can go.

How to Make Money in Mumbai - Mumbai Me Paise Kaise Kamaye

How to Make Money in Mumbai/Bombay in Hindi

In this article, we have told you about the top 6 ways to earn money in Mumbai. If you live in Mumbai, definitely use them to earn money.

Here are some of the best ways to earn money in Mumbai.

#1 – Earn Money in Mumbai from Movies and TV

Mumbai Film City in India (Mumbai Film City) Also known as, there are many entertainers in India who didn’t even have money to eat the first 3 times but today they are all stars. This is why Mumbai is also called the city of stars.

If you have acting skills, you can audition in the film city of Mumbai. Maybe in the future you will become an actor and you too will be a star in India.

But if you don’t like acting or you don’t have acting skills, there are many other jobs in the backend of cinema like video editing, script writing, photography, etc. You can also do these things and earn hundreds of thousands of rupees per month.

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#2 – Make money in Mumbai working in hotels

There are many five star hotels in Mumbai. If you like the job in the hotel chain or you have experience in the hotel chain then you can interview in these five star hotels and if you are selected you can easily earn 20-50 thousand rupees every month at the hotel. And little by little your experience will increase, then your salary will also increase.

By the way, most of the same boys are taken to five-star hotels who have taken a course in hotel management, if you get out of the interview for some reason, you can do any other part-time job . And you can take a hotel management course. After completing the course, you can easily get a job in a five-star hotel and earn a lot of money.

#3 – Earn money in Mumbai by working in industries

The third way to earn money in Mumbai is to work in industries. There are many industries in Mumbai which provide employment to hundreds of thousands of people in India. It is not necessary to have higher education to get a job in the industries.

Even if you are less educated, you can easily get a 20-40,000 per month job in Mumbai even if you work hard. There are many small and large companies in Mumbai where a lot of workers are needed to work and these companies also give their workers lots of money every month.

#4 – Earn money in Mumbai by becoming a car or taxi driver

Millions of people have to go somewhere all the time in Mumbai, for which they need transportation. But the crowd in the city of Mumbai is so big that people have to stand in long queues to get an automatic taxi. This is why the earnings of auto and taxi drivers in Mumbai are also good.

If you don’t have money to buy a car or a taxi now, you can drive a rental car, then when you earn money, you can also take your own taxi and earn more money.

Apart from this, you can also earn money by putting your car in Ola, Uber. With the driving job, you can easily earn Rs 25-30,000 every month in Mumbai.

#5 – Earn Money in Mumbai by Offering Tiffin Service

The work of tiffin service is going on in Mumbai, people are not able to cook by themselves due to going to work early so they need tiffin service.

Everyone loves home cooked food more, the same applies in the city of Mumbai, so tiffin service is so prevalent here. You can also prepare food at home and serve tiffin service to people around you. And can earn good money of the month.

Many people also earn hundreds of thousands of rupees from the tiffin service in Mumbai. If you give tiffin to 10 people around you and take 3,000 rupees per month from each person, you can easily earn 30,000 rupees in a month. It was just one example. Think like this, how much money will you make per month by giving food to 50 people.

If you provide tasty and healthy food, your number of customers will also gradually increase, thanks to which your business can become very important in the future.

#6 – Make Money Doing Business in Mumbai

Doing business in Mumbai is the first choice of most Indian businessmen as the chances of succeeding in any business are high here. Whatever your business, there will always be a rush of customers for your product in Mumbai.

You can do a small business in Mumbai or if you have money you can also do a big business. In small businesses, you can set up a tea house, a small paan shop or a fast food cart in any industrial zone, there will be no shortage of customers.

Apart from that, if you have any type of skill like – electrician, technical, automotive etc. You can also make good money in Mumbai by selling your services. Because there is a lot of population in Mumbai, you will continue to bring customers to sell your product and service. You will be profitable in all these businesses.

read them and earn money

Final Words – How To Make Money In Bombay

So my friends if you have read this article completely then make money in mumbai method Somehow you must have thought.All the methods we have mentioned are such as the common ones in Mumbai and with the help of which you will never face any problem to earn money money in Mumbai. Hope you like this article written by us Mumbai Me Paise Kaise Kamaye You must have liked, you must also share this article with your friends and help them earn money in Mumbai.

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