Who won yesterday’s IPL match?

Who won yesterday’s IPL match? (Kal Ka IPL Match Kon Jeeta): The most popular period has started again in our country. From March 26, 2022 IPL Matches started, the last match of this tournament will be played in 2022 on May 21. In this IPL, 10 teams will play against each other, in these 10 teams, two teams have made a new entry.

Whenever there is a tournament, losing and winning is an important part of it, in every game one team wins and one team loses. With the help of this article, we will give you the details of tomorrow’s match and tomorrow Who won the IPL match? (Kal Ka IPL Match Kon Jeeta) If you are going to talk about it, then read this article till the end.

Who won yesterday's IPL match

Who won yesterday’s IPL match? , Kal Ka IPL Match Kon Jeeta

The game we are talking about was played yesterday i.e. Friday 5th August 2022, there were two very famous teams playing this game. Here we have given a live widget in which you can clearly see that Who won yesterday’s match? (Kal Ka Match Kon Jeeta).

There are three sections in the table above, the first is the recent section, where you can see what match happened recently and what was the result. The second is the Live section where you can see what game is in progress or what game is today?. Other than that, the third section is the upcoming section where you will be told what matches will be played next. Whatever time is shown in this widget, it is given in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). You can convert it to Indian time by adding 5 hours 30 minutes to this time.

Kal Ka IPL Match Kaun Jeeta (Friday 5th August 2022 | Aaj Ka IPL Match Live Kaise Dekhe?

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  • Yesterday IPL Match Details FAQs

    Who won yesterday’s match? (Kal Ka IPL Match Kon Jeeta)

    In the cricket score widget above, you can see live which team won yesterday’s match.

    When did the IPL start?

    The IPL series started on March 26 this year.

    How many teams are there in this IPL 2022?

    IPL 2022 has 10 teams.


    Through this article we have tried to tell you that Who won yesterday’s match? (Kal Ka IPL Match Kon Jeeta) And along with that, other details of tomorrow’s tournament have also been announced. Every day we will continue to give similar information through our website. So stay tuned to our website. We sincerely hope that you liked the article we wrote. If you have any questions regarding this article, you can tell us in the comments.

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