New study shayari in hindi

study shayari in hindi 2022 Friends, if you study and love poetry, then in which article today we have brought you a lot of such poetry. related to studies And you will have a lot of fun reading them and if you want to share these shayari with your friends then you can share

study shayari in hindi 2022

Friends, if you like to read poetry and especially poetry related to education, you can check our website, here you can see many such posts that will be related to poetry.

study shayari in hindi

shayari study

Friends, there are many such people who are very fond of reading and writing poetry along with studies, if you are also one of them, then we have brought you many such poetry which are related to studies and Anyone who studies can read, write and remember, I can also share with friends, this is a type of poetry that is only for students and most of them are only students. What shayari do you use, let’s know

poetry for students

1 – Your courage will be known by your fight, and your luck will be known by your studies

2- It doesn’t matter if a man is big or small, just his story must be big.

3- The study that keeps you in pain today, if you keep burning that pain, tomorrow that pain will become your greatest strength.

  • I will keep walking the path, I will become an expert, either I will get my destination or I will become a good traveler.
  • Nothing gets accomplished in the world without hard work, even my own shadow ends up coming in the dust
  1. 3 rules for success Promise yourself hard work and strong intention
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