TV actress madhubani goswami spoke about her life and career: Son Keshwai is now completely meditative, what does Madhubani think of acting life?

Actress Madhubani Goswami can now be called a complete samsari. She lives with her son Keshav. Also spend time on your own solo. But apparently, he only believes in making time for his family. Although she was seen on the small screen after her marriage, her life changed a lot after becoming a mother.

At present, many people will ponder the issue of giving all their attention to family and children without paying attention to their career. After becoming mothers, many people in the TV world took a short break from their careers. For some time, Raja and Madhubani Goswami have been seen on the Smart Jori stage. But what does the actress think of her career? In this context, he told the press: “Right now I want to focus on the world. I’m doing very well. Never had a lot of ambition. I want to see every moment of my son grow. I don’t want to not miss a bit.”

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Madhubani gave his mind to a tougher world. He is also very active on his YouTube channel. The actress said, “If I don’t go to work, it’s not like the world won’t fall apart. So right now I want to live with my son and the king.” Even so, from the beginning, Madhubani, who is very simple, likes to work according to his own mind. On the other hand, Raja Kharkuto is a very popular face in the series. Madhubani herself is busy with Salo. He returned many opportunities in the industry. He wants to live with his family.

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