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Where is the concept of sequels in Marathi films trying to take root now? Hence, audiences get a chance to watch new episodes of some famous Marathi movies in a new format. Directed by Mahesh Vaman Manjrekar and Sudesh Manjrekar, ‘From Dhakka 2’ is one such popular Marathi sequel. The sequel to this movie released 14 years ago ‘De Dhakka 2’ is now out. Playing the same character with all his good qualities after 14 years was a fun experience, the ‘De Dhakka 2’ cast said during their visit to ‘Loksatta’s London office.

The general story of the first film ‘From Dhakka’ was about a displaced family, their differences and their reunion during a journey. The film was released and was a hit with audiences. Actor Maknarad Anaspure, who played the lead role in the film, informed that fourteen years ago when corporate producers were just starting to enter the field of Marathi film production, this film has gave the first shock by earning 14 crores. Now with the same character and cast i.e. Makarand Anaspure, Shivaji Satam, Medha Manjrekar, Siddharth Jadhav and Saksham Kulkarni have come together for this movie after 14 years. Actress Gauri Ingwale, who showed off her acting skills in the movie “Pangharoon”, starred in this movie for the first time. We had formed a family by making ‘De Dhakka’, now this family has become stronger thanks to this film. Actor Shivaji Satam expressed the feeling that no matter how hard he tries now, it won’t break.

Mahesh Manjrekar became the producer himself during ‘De Dhakka’.
Mahesh Manjrekar took my dates when I decided to do ‘De Dhak’. All the preparations for the film were done. And suddenly the producer of the film withdrew. And now ? It was decided to make a film. Then Mahesh Manjrekar himself introduced himself as a producer. They started to match the money. The film was directed by Sudesh Manjrekar and Atul Kale. Now, after so many years, doing the second part, the situation of the original characters in the movie has changed. They were poor then, now they are rich, they came to London. But their fundamental nature has not changed at all. Anaspure said that Manjrekar brought these characters back to the screen with their characteristics.

I watched a lot of comedy programs during the coronavirus
The filming of ‘De Dhak 2’ had already been completed. Further works from the film were blocked during the Corona period. In the past two years, people had never been shocked that such a great disease would come and the whole world would come to a standstill like this. Therefore, the tired and disappointed public received a lot of support during this period from comedy medicine. Comedy programs were watched a lot during this period. And that is why it was pointed out that the movie ‘De Dhak 2’ should also be pure entertainment for the audience. Anaspure explained that it was done the same way.
Manjrekar has the power to take down the work of artists.

When I got the role in the first film, I was happy to work with actors like Sivaji Satam, Makar and Anaspure. Makarand Anaspure was very popular then, Shivaji Satam was a fan since I watched ‘Ek Nino Nino’. Saksham’s “Pak Pak Pakak” was also released. My role was that of a young man of this family who has no ambitions, but who has the will to want everything. Of course, Mahesh Manjrekar has the power to take on the role of this actor thinking about his strength as an actor, where it falls short, says actor Siddharth. Jadhav said. Corroborating his statement, Shivaji Satam said that the drunken father role that came to him was perfect due to studying Manjrekar and the information he gave for the role.

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