Why this analyst thinks that Apple may kill iPhone in 10 years

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Apple will kill iPhone in 10 years, so says the popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to a report in 9to5mac, Kuo predicts that the iPhone will live for as long as 10 more years, and after that Apple will replace it with WITH. Kuo has made the prediction in his recent note to investors.
“Apple’s goal is to replace the iPhone with AR in ten years, representing the demand for ABF of AR headsets will exceed at least one billion pieces in ten years. Apple’s sole ABF supplier, Unimicron, will be the leading beneficiary,” says the note.
As per Kuo, Apple will launch a new AR (augmented reality) headset in 2022. In fact, he sees the company’s future closely linked to AR. He says that Apple CEO Tim Cook knows that though Apple is the most valuable company of all time, it can’t rely that much on one product and that as of today, half of the company’s revenue is still all about the iPhone.
So far, it is not clear if this long-rumoured AR headset will work with iPhone or not. What seems clear, however, is that this product will have to work with a “wide range” of applications rather than just specific apps. Similarly, the company will also have to sell “at least” 1 billion AR devices in 10 years.
“Currently, there are more than one billion active iPhone users. If Apple’s goal is to replace the iPhone with AR in ten years, it means Apple will sell at least one billion AR devices in ten years,” says Kuo in the note.
Incidentally, this is not the first time that an analyst has predicted Apple’s future sans iPhone. In fact, in the last few years Apple has shifted its strategy to add Services within its Hardware and Software products and that it today contributes a significant portion to Apple’s revenue.


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