405+ [Best] The status of God and the status of God in Hindi

Status of God: Jai Shri Ram Dosto welcomes you to this post in which we have shared the status of God Status Hindi for you, you can copy these statuses and share them on your status. In this post you will find status for God in Hindi, Bhagwan status in Hindi, Hindi status for God, God status in Hindi. If you liked this post, please share it with your friends.

Status of God in Hindi | Hindi status for God | God’s status number

The status of God

A slave of the mind cannot be a servant of God.

Forgive everyone before you go to bed I’ll forgive you before you wake up!

You are the first divine power after God, mother!

Life is hard without a sister!
Thank you Ya Allah! To give me a sister

Worship your parents before you worship the heavenly gods.

God is the unseen parent, and the parent is apparently God!

Stop burning our #destiny We don’t leave home with medicine, #Ram’s blessing …!

Status of God for WhatsApp in Hindi

The government can do it at the expense of others We are the ones covering ourselves .. !!

Why do people of the world give the status of God to love? To this day I have not heard that God has disbelieved

It is said that God is present everywhere, yet we consider Him to be in solitude …!

As the bees are to the naughty children, so we are to the gods. They kill us for fun.

Evil does not flourish because the evildoers have increased Rather, it increases because the tolerants have increased.

Of course wear clothes and jewelry like ours But where will the attitude of Ram devotees come from?!

The status of the best God in Hindi

God Status In Hindi - 405+ [Best] The status of God and the status of God in Hindi
Status of God in Hindi

Man should not live only for bread but should live according to everything that comes out of the mouth of Allah …!

I’m not angry with anyone. Can a mother be angry with her children? Can the sea send its water back to the rivers?

The door to success is open only to them. Those who have the power to bring them down!

You will see, Allah also only helps hardworking people, this principle is very clear…!

I know God won’t give me something I can’t handle, I just want him not to trust me too much.

I have angered God and humanity because my work did not have the standards it should have …!

The status of Hindi for God

Always keep your mind on this, always keep my attention on your feet.
Whether I live in sorrow, whether I live in happiness, your name will always be on my lips … !!

Worked five times, slept at three o’clock, Where will freedom come from if echo clock green is not sent?!

no money, Does not cost, Ram Ram speaks very well.!

There can be no better friend than Allah.

I have no right to speak ill of anyone I myself remember my Lord in times of trouble.

Status of God in Hindi

True love is like God that everyone talks about but only a few people have noticed ..!

I give you a new commandment: love one another. Love one another as I have loved you …!

I think about my people day and night. I call their names over and over again.

Everyone has to work hard for the fruits in the land of karma, God gives the lines, we have to fill the color…!

I broke the rosary thinking that Why do I give his name to the sugarcane that gives without sugarcane…!

Those who have Shri Ram in their mind, have Vikantha Dham in their destiny.
He who gives his life in his footsteps has good in this world. Long live Rama!

Let’s set a standard that wise and honest people can follow. The rest is in the hands of Allah …!

Worship and worship is God’s mobile number Keep dialing again, one day you will hear Allah …!

The best status of God in Hindi

God is a circle whose center is everywhere and Tawaf is nowhere…!

Every knee will bow before me, and every tongue will glorify God …!

“Today” is a gift from God, that is why it is called “Haal” …!

Our prayers should be for general blessing only, because Allah knows what is good for us.

With riches and prosperity, the kings and emperors of the great kingdoms cannot be compared to an ant that is full of God’s love ..!

Don’t let your heart be troubled. Believe in god Trust me too …!

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