Syndicate Extorting Money In The Name Of Giving Work From Home Job Busted, 4 People Arrested

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After investigation, 4 people including a woman have been arrested in this case (Symbolic)

New Delhi:

The Cyber ​​Crime Unit of Delhi Police has arrested 4 people including a woman from Delhi and NCR, busting a module offering such jobs. A lot of complaints were received about this gang involved in extortion and fraud in the name of giving work from home jobs across the country through fake job portals. Website, and are cheating people by pretending to work from home.

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The accused were giving people such a task which was almost impossible to complete. These people used to extort money by threatening to be dragged into court cases if the task was not completed. During the investigation, the National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal (NCRP) was checked regarding receiving similar complaints across India and it came to light that more than 60 people have filed such complaints. After technical investigation, 4 people including a woman have been arrested in this case. During interrogation of the accused, it was revealed that gang member R Kumar allegedly created fake websites, and

Sent a friend request in the form of a woman and then the gang collected lakhs of rupees by blackmailing

He started calling people for data entry jobs. To those who approached him, he gave such a task which they could not complete. In this way, he used to charge people ‘fine’ by threatening to go to court if the work was not completed. Some of their victims reported in complaints that they threatened to be dragged to courts and extorted.

How lakhs are being cheated in the name of treatment?


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