‘I will decide my political future after Nala Lai project’

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Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid says Nala Lai project was important mission of his life (Photo: APP)



Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has said that he will decide the future of his politics after the Nala Lai project.
Addressing a function on the sidelines of a visit to the CDA headquarters in Islamabad on Thursday, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that the Nala Lai project was an important mission of his life which started from Rs 11 billion and now after 26 years One hundred and five billion has been reached.
They Wishing the Christian community a Merry Christmas, he said:All Christian workers must be paid before December 25.
“If you don’t get paid, grab Yassin by the throat so he can catch me.”
When asked about the holidays, he said that Saturday is the 25th and Sunday is also a holiday.
Asked to leave on December 27, he said, “Leave the holiday, work, never mind my word.”
Sheikh Rashid also said that the housing problem of Christians should be solved because they are living in slums which are not suitable for human beings.
“I will try to solve the housing problem.”
Sheikh Rashid once again expressed regret over the Sialkot incident and said, “We are ashamed of it.”
He said that he was a political worker and respected the names of dignitaries of all religions.


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