Apply Borona Dose of Corona, get a reward of Rs. 18,000

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The United States is preparing to control Corona’s new virus, and rewards will now be given for booster doses against Corona in the United States.

The mayor of New York has announced that those who take a booster dose before the new year will be paid around ڈالر 100, or about 18,000 rupees. He said that these few weeks are very challenging, so these steps are being taken.

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Also in July, New York City paid پہلی 100 for the first shot. According to the data, the rate of corona in New York City during the week of December 17 has doubled from 8% in the previous week, due to which 9300 people have been diagnosed with corona in one week.

On the other hand, according to CDC data, 61.1% of people in the United States have been fully vaccinated, while 62.2 million people have received a booster dose.

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