Stamatina Tsimtsili on the statements of Angelos Bratis: For no reason she became disliked

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See everything that Stamatina Tsimtsili said about Angelos Bratis.

Reactions were provoked by Angelos Bratis, with the statements he made about the GNTM viewing numbers and the… ladies who buy from the baskets. Stamatina Tsimtsili, in fact, stressed today that she became disliked.

“You do not care about the numbers of viewers, but thanks to them and the popularity of such a favorite project, you also managed to evolve. As you were in the chariot of good television and you evolved with this project you should somehow care and say “what happened this year did not go well?” “It’s what you want to show that you do not care but…”, said Stamatina Tsimtsili initially.

Stamatina Tsimtsili also added: “I believe that for no reason, a man who had a very low profile, whom we are chasing for interviews for no reason now at the end of the show that has nothing to offer, became disliked by a portion of the audience while he is such a talented man “.

The article Stamatina Tsimtsili about the statements of Angelos Bratis: He became disliked for no reason was published in NewsIT.

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