Sub-inspector examiner caught in India

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In the ongoing examination for the job of sub-inspector in the police department in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a cheater was caught.

The candidate woke up brilliantly for cheating in the exam. The candidate wore a fake hair wig on his head.

The candidate wore very small earpieces in his ears, the wires of which were hidden inside a fake wig.

The candidate also hid the gadget used for imitation in the same imitation wig.

Those who supervised the examinations for the post of sub-inspector in the police department were very vigilant, they were aware of such tactics.

When they searched the candidate on suspicion, it was revealed that he was easily solving the exam paper with the help of his duplicate equipment.

An IPS officer from India’s police department shared a video of the candidate’s search on his Twitter account, which went viral.

Police official Ropan Sharma, while sharing the video on his Twitter account, wrote that a sub-inspector examinee was caught in Uttar Pradesh through a spectacular vigil.

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