5 rules related to your life will change from January 1, 2022 will have a direct impact on your pocket

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1 January 2022: From the next month i.e. from January 1, 2022, many rules related to your life will change. In these rules, there are rules related to deposit, debit and credit cards from withdrawing money from the bank. Let us know about these rules.

All these rules will be applicable from January 1, 2021

1- The rules for using debit and credit cards will change

From January 1, the mode of payment by debit and credit cards will change. Actually, to make online payment more secure, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has changed the rules. Now while making online payment, you will have to fill all the card details including 16 digit debit or credit card number. That is, now the merchant website or app cannot store your card details during online shopping and digital payment. Any previously saved information will be deleted.

2- There will be a charge for withdrawing cash

Account holders of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) will have to pay a charge for withdrawing and depositing cash from a limit. This rule will come into effect from January 1, 2022. There are three types of savings accounts that can be opened in IPPB. In which many types of facilities are provided. According to India Post Payments Bank, it is free to withdraw cash from Basic Savings Account four times every month. But after that every withdrawal will have to pay a minimum of Rs 25. However, there will be no charge for depositing money in Basic Savings Account.

3- Withdrawing money from ATM will be expensive from January

From next month, customers will have to pay more if they cross the free ATM transaction limit. In June, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) allowed banks to increase charges for free monthly withdrawals from ATMs beyond a limit with effect from January 1, 2022. Every single bank gives cash and non-cash ATM transactions every month. Now from January 1, charge will have to be paid after the free limit. As per RBI guidelines, financial transactions above the free limit at Axis Bank or other bank ATMs will attract Rs 21 plus GST.

4- Google’s rules will change

Your payment card details will not be saved on Google Play Store. Any information already entered will be deleted. You will need to re-enter your information to make the payment.

5- LPG LPG Cylinder Price

LPG prices are fixed on the 1st of every month. This time it has to be seen whether cylinder prices increase on New Year’s Day on January 1, 2022.

Withdrawal of cash from ATM will be expensive from the new year, customers will be shocked


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