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Use elements from your garden to decorate your Christmas table. (Photo: Supplied)

The holiday season is here – use it to hang out properly and show off your garden. If you like to entertain, take a look at Life is a Garden’s top decorations here and let it blow you away with your inspiration and creativity.

  1. Charming flower candlesticks

(Photo: Supplied)

Elegant, aromatic and indispensable – a flower chandelier is an important part of the party table on the patio and can not be left out. All you need is a hook on which you can hang your chandelier, as well as the following:

  • An embroidery ring (available at most handicraft and fabric stores);
  • Tie rope, ribbon, cord or fishing line; and
  • Brightly colored flowers (visit your GCA Garden Center for fragrant seasonal flowers).

How to do it: To create the image of a chandelier with tumbling flowers, tie your flowers at different heights to your embroidery frame. Start with long strings and work upwards. You can even hang fairy lights in the middle or simply braid them through the strings of flowers to match the evening mood.

Variation: Twist your flower strings spirally downwards or hang them layer by layer and experiment with more than one embroidery ring per chandelier.

  1. Cute wrap ideas for cutlery

Present your cutlery in such a way that it shows a message of love and life. Venture a bit and use bright napkins with contrasting flowers and fresh vines. Make sure you have the following:

  • Paper or fabric napkins of your choice
  • Blossoms and foliage from your garden
  • Rope, cord or ribbon.

How to do it: Wrap the cutlery with a napkin and tie with string or a thin ring. Now carefully push your flower (s) behind the rope and ribbon in… voilà! Also place small, pretty pots of water on the table so that the guests can keep their flowers fresh in them.

Variation: Use succulent cuttings instead of flowers so that they can be replanted. Visit your garden center for a variety of water-rich succulents that are rich in texture.

  1. Fragrant mozzy candles

Use homemade candles from all kinds of herbs and leaves to scare off bugs and mosquitoes so you can enjoy your meal in peace. These candles not only add to the festive atmosphere, but also smell delicious. Make sure you have the following at hand:

  • Medium-sized glass bottles
  • Fresh herbs and flowers from your garden such as thyme, rosemary, mint, citrus grass, lavender, marigolds, basil, catnip (catnip), sage and citronella, a popular stalwart.
  • A few lemon slices

Here’s how to do it: Pack your choice of insect repellent plants and lemon slices in layers in the empty jar. Fill it to almost the top with warm water and let your tea cherry float on top. The heat of the water helps to release the flavors – so use jars that are not too big and difficult to heat.

Variation: Add a few drops of essential oil to the water – the insects do not like the smell and will not come close. Oils that are suitable are rosemary, peppermint, tea tree, lemon eucalyptus and citrus grass.

  1. Leaves for ornate name tags

With family and friends coming over, you want to show off something original for name tags for your party table. Use your imagination and experiment with stylish calligraphy and all kinds of pens. Also get the following at hand:

  • Large leaves from your garden
  • A gold marker, gel pens or paint
  • A hole punch
  • Tou of dun lint
  • Glasses with thin stems (wine or sparkling wine glasses always look sophisticated).

Here’s how to do it: Punch a hole in the top of each leaf (not too close to the edge as it may tear, but leave enough space to write a name on it). Enter the artist in your free rein and write the names of your guests on the leaves. Tie the name tags to the glass stems with string or ribbon.

Variation: Give the kids something exciting to do! Hand out a pair of magnifying glasses and a pair of goggles or two and show them how to burn out the guests’ names on the leaves.

  1. Flamboyant flower screens or partitions

If you feel like covering a wall, creating more privacy, securing a section and just want to be extravagant, this idea is perfect. Play with different color combinations and get the following:

  • Choose flamboyant flowers (use flowers that you will use in an arrangement. Your GCA garden advisor will be able to help you with this)
  • Fishing line or rope
  • Quite a few wooden sticks (the size and number will depend on how big you want to make your flower screen).

How to make it: Measure and cut the pieces of rope / fishing line into the desired lengths and make one
point of the stick firmly. Tie your flowers (to their stems) in strings and make sure their faces are facing one side. Try to vary the rows or make a geometric arrangement. Now fasten the finished strings to the stick.

Variation: Wrap right or artificial vines around the rope / fishing line. Place a few bells and fairy lights in between that will make your unique decor a focal point until after dusk.

Rejoice in your garden decorations and let your creative talents wave. All of these ideas are easily feasible and create an earthy atmosphere. You can also make potpourri from the remaining petals and essential oils. Garden centers have really beautiful plants this time of year – go check out everything you like. Your life is a garden – decorate it.

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