A Man Was Arrested Who Was Preparing To Be Corona Vaccine For The 9th Dose

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Many people were surprised after hearing this news.

New Delhi:

Everyone is aware of the kind of devastation caused by Corona in the whole world. Another where several lakh people lost their lives due to Corona. At the same time, the effect of this epidemic was such that people’s business got ruined. Vaccine is being considered as the biggest weapon against Corona at this time. For the past days, many people were hesitant to get the vaccine. But recently a person got so many doses of Corona Vaccine that people were stunned.

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According to a report, this incident is being told of Belgium. This shocking incident has come to the fore in the city of Charleroi, located in Walloon province. Here the young man used to contact those people who wanted to get the certificate without getting the vaccine and in return he used to charge money from them. The young man used to get the vaccine himself by taking money from the people. After this, he used to distribute the vaccine certificate to those people, in return for whom he himself was getting the vaccine.

This time when the person came to get the vaccine for the ninth time, his theft was caught. After that he was handed over to the police. It is also being said that this person had taken eight doses of the vaccine. One surprising thing is that when he was examined, he was found to be completely normal. Despite taking eight doses of the vaccine, no side effects of any kind were seen in his body. At present, he has been kept under observation and the matter is being investigated.

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Now this news is getting a lot of headlines all over the world. As soon as this news reached on social media, people started registering their reaction with great speed. Many people said that people here are afraid to take only Corona Vaccine and these people have taken eight doses. However, there are some people who have expressed their concern about the health of that person.


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